How confident are your business leaders when dealing with millennials?


Only one in three HR leaders say their business leaders are confident when dealing with millennials

Sample: c120 HR Leaders from UK-based companies (January 8th-10th 2019)

The Pulse Business’ Insight Pulse suggests the majority of HR Leaders believe their business leaders lack the confidence to deal with millennials in their work force. Out of those leaders pulsed, 35% claimed their business leaders are ‘quite confident’ when dealing with millennials while a third (30%) said they were 'very confident'. Interestingly, 30% indicated their business leaders had very little or no confidence at all when dealing with millennials.

Millennials now surpass all other generations as the largest portion of the workforce according to the Pew Research Centre -

This now begs the question as to what is driving this lack of confidence.  The answer to this will be explored shortly with our next Pulse.

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