How important is it for your members to engage emotionally with what you do as an organisation?


One in two Trade Associations say it’s really important to engage emotionally with your members
Sample: c100 UK-based Membership Organisations, April 2019

The Pulse Business’ latest Trade Association Pulse suggests that emotional engagement with your membership is very important with another one in five saying it is quite important.

As one Director observed, “Members may join for rational reasons but they stay because they gain an emotional interest or attachment to what the organisation does. So it’s important for retention.”

Although 20% say it is quite important, one membership leader noted, “Being engaged emotionally means member are passionate about what they and we do, are more likely to pass that on and deliver a better service.”

Another Director added, “What we do can take long term commitment, which requires engagement and energy that needs to be sustained over time, if you have not bought in emotionally then this will not happen.”

In conclusion, one CEO of a leading Trade Association summed up, "There are many commercial businesses moving into our sector, replicating much of what we do as a way to pull in potential customers. If association membership is seen as a transactional relationship, then we will struggle to compete with their offer which may appear initially to be cheaper or even free. But if we can build an emotional attachment, so that members feel that the association supports them and speaks for them, they will value it, and therefore use the services we offer and continue to be members."
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