In the current economic climate, which one of these, if any, attracts new members to your Association?


Membership recruitment driven by a need for exclusive industry insight
Sample: c550 Membership and Trade Associations based in the UK, October 11th - 16th 2018

The Pulse Business' fifth Trade and Industry Association Pulse confirms a key draw to attracting new members is providing access to exclusive industry insight (22%).

Belonging to a reputable industry body (17%) along with networking and lead generation (20%) are joint second indicating the drivers to membership recruitment are varied. As one respondent reflected,"All of these factors to a varying degree attract members. In addition there are an increasing number of customers who expect their supplier to be a member of a Trade Association."

The political landscape is also having an impact as one Director General surmised, "With Brexit looming, a combination of helping to grow the sector and navigate through Brexit in what are clearly uncertain times will be the twin priorities for our members in the coming months."

While industry insight "helps members plan, identify trends and potential markets," one leading organisation with over 30,000 members put increased membership numbers down to "finding the advice, information and guidance they realise they need, above everything else."

One Chief Executive from the Motor Trade Industry observed, "At this difficult time with uncertainty and negative commentaries making the headlines I feel business of all sizes and sectors need access to a consolidated and targeted approach to the issues and opportunities that may exist now or indeed in the future. "
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