Innovation without insight leads to failure - do you agree?


Audience insight and understanding are key triggers to innovation but inspiration and smart listening have a role to play too
Sample: c150 UK-based Senior PR and Communications Professionals, March 2019.

Fresh insight from The Pulse Business and Whitney Murray Innovation Index shows 81% of UK Senior In-House and Agency PR and Communications Professionals agree that innovation without insight leads to failure in the workplace.

As one MD observed, “Sometimes innovation is simply inspiration. But practically speaking I would always seek insights but equally foresight - speculation, consider the absurd, etc."

11% of those pulsed disagreed confirming that insight is not an essential when driving innovation forward.  Another PR Agency CEO stated “Many aspects of life are random, making it difficult to predict both the future and trends. Often for innovation to succeed it simply needs to be timing – otherwise it sits unused until the right circumstances arise."

A consensus of opinion focused on practicality in terms of delivering innovative ideas and practices within businesses.  However, innovation at its core relies not just on pure inspiration but smart listening, the human touch and the desire to be successful.

One Communications Director asserted, “Meaningful innovation requires a constant feedback loop of listening and responding to ensure (the) innovation doesn’t just deliver a use but actually helps to improve a person’s life in some shape or form." Another In-House Comms Director captured the prevailing view suggesting that, "Innovation has to answer a conscious or sub conscious human need to be successful."
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