Is it down to millennials to fit in with their company or should the company fit in with them?


Sample: c500 UK-based Membership & Trade Association
Leaders & Comms Professionals, July 2019
49% of senior leaders representing membership & trade associations as well as senior comms professionals suggest business and millennials should make an effort to work together rather than against each other in today’s business environment.
The Pulse - ‘Is it down to millennials to fit in with their company or should the company fit in with them? - provoked plenty of reaction including this senior leader who commented, “At the heart of this question is how organisations are run and led. In the past, organisations tended to have a system and culture in place that was rigid. However, as organisations became more complex, that rigidity appears to have evolved into something more flexible.”
One in ten indicated that companies should make any changes to how they deal with millennials, “Millennials shouldn’t be treated as a separate category at work! It’s great they bring enthusiasm, ideas, tech savvy-ness and that they have concerns about the world which they care about. But (other than the tech!) so should we all. It’s far more important that all members of a team - Millennial or not - integrate and knit together. And neither they nor we should see them as a separate case. We should embrace their positives, but they should commit to learn from their more experienced colleagues too, as all of us in more senior roles have had to do to build a career.”

One CEO offered, “It’s about balancing all generational needs,” and another Managing Director said, “Millennials will soon form a majority in the workplace – and among our customers – so businesses have to adapt to their new ways of thinking and working or risk becoming obsolete.”

The last word sat with this CEO who summed up, “In 1969, John Sebastian asked "Why must every generation think their folks are square?" Millennials aren't as different as the popular narrative would have you think. Customs, practices and attitudes change and evolve over time, usually for the better.”
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