Membership Organisations - Board Behaviour


One in three Industry/Trade Associations say their Board is their critical friend

Sample: c300 UK-based Membership and Trade Associations, 1st - 7th November 2018

The Pulse Business' seventh Trade and Industry Association Pulse created as part of its Best Practice Series sees one in three Trade/Industry Associations (30%) declaring the Board is their critical friend.  25% of respondents said its Board prides itself on being very flexible and open-minded suggesting that Boards behave well at a strategic level and are valued for it.

A Chief Executive of a large Membership Association offering a three tier membership structure commented, "We meet eight times a year for 90 minutes. We focus on key issues requiring decision(s), working from briefing papers with proposals.  Each Director runs an insurance business company and ensures the issues are relevant to their business.  Critical friend is the perfect description."

Another Chief Executive surmised, "Our Board are there to consider, set and communicate our purpose, our culture, the opportunities and risks we face and the strategy for the Executive to follow."

Finally, one Chief Executive concluded, "Our Board is not only there to help the Senior Management (Team) but also advise us and help make strategic decisions."


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