Over the next 12 months, how confident do you feel about growth in your business?


Confidence levels reassuringly buoyant despite Brexit uncertainty
Sample: c200 UK-based Senior Professionals, March 2019

The Pulse Business' latest Pulse Perspective suggests that business progress and resolve continues in the face of political discourse and economic uncertainty.  One in two of Senior UK Professional Leaders pulsed are confident industry growth prospects will maintain momentum as employment remains steady and foreign investment continues to support UK-specific growth.

As one MD observed, “The sector we are in is growing as is employment in it. This, despite Brexit uncertainty, means that when we have a better idea of where Brexit is going then the sector should grow even more.”

Interestingly, 23% pulsed remain neutral in terms of business growth, regardless of the Brexit outcome. “With clients under increased external (sometimes unforeseen) pressures, hesitation, delays and new areas of worry are driving unpredictability in budgeting, decision making and risk taking," confirmed one Communications Leader.

The continued ambiguity surrounding the UKs’ political and financial position within the EU is still cause for concern amongst 23% of respondents.  One hesitant leader suggested, “As trading relationships grind to a hold and tariffs rise are expected, it’s hard to imagine the business environment will be favourable."

Ultimately, any legislative directive enacted will require time to accurately measure its effects. Business processes may change in terms of structure, timing and partnerships.  However, the Pulse indicates that business confidence in the UK economy is sector specific and will prevail with or without Brexit.

One MD summed up a his industry perspective, “Our tech space is still resilient – new innovations and services find market opportunities that may not be available in other sectors."


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