The Truth Series - Telling a lie at work


Almost one in five (19%) of HR leaders think it's not a good thing to lie at work.

Sample size: c400 HR leaders based in the UK (July 27th - 30th 2018)

The Pulse Business' new snapshot pulse , 'The Truth Pulse' kicked off with a question asking whether it's ok to lie at work. The initial results indicate that 36% of HR leaders believe that the point to tell a lie at work is when you are about to leave the business. Interestingly, 15% believe that not hurting someone's feel makes an appropriate case for not telling the truth.

The results contrast with the same Pulse that ran across a group of Senior Professionals, working in different industries including communications, technology and marketing. Here the view was that over half (56%) said it was not a good thing to lie at work. This begs the question why HR leaders seem to have a more realistic view of what people are prepared to do when they have nothing to lose. That said, another HR leaders was quick to express, "Never tell lies, they always come back to bite you!”

One senior HR leader working in the hospitality industry suggested lying at work is not acceptable, "Because if you're trying to build a culture based on transparency and trust, then lies are not the way to go about it. There are other ways around tricky situations without resorting to lies."
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