Thinking about Brexit, what would be your preferred outcome?


Article 50 should be rescinded reveals latest Pulse Perspective
Sample: c250 Senior Professionals in the UK, March 2019

Almost two in three Senior UK-based professionals want Article 50 rescinded according to our latest Pulse asking for a preferred outcome on Brexit.

Also, 9% of those polled would like the UK to exit on WTO terms or according to the Withdrawal Agreement (subject to terms agreed by the Prime Minister with the EU). The same number want the UK to exit but remaining in the Customs Union.

The Brexit debate continues and with the looming deadline of March 29th, everyone’s eyes are on the outcome.  Will the UK ultimately mark the end or the beginning of a new relationship with Europe and consequently with the rest of the world?

One CEO commented, “Brexit is too damaging to the UK economy and (to) people’s lives. Why throw away free access to the UK’s closest and largest trading block? If you want to change something, you have to be part of it and not a ‘stone thrower’ from outside the glasshouse.”

Another leader summed up the feeling of the Referendum, “There is a democratic imperative to put the decision back to the people via a second vote that covers not only any deal that has been agreed by whatever government is in power at the time but which would also reflect the country’s changed demographics since the initial vote.”

There seems to be a common consensus around the divisive nature of this legislation and how it threatens to change the course of social, economic, and political cohesiveness within the UK.

Finally, one Director summed up, “Given all we know about impact of Brexit on our short and long term economy, Northern Ireland and the Union itself,  freedom of movement, access to talent and resources: leaving the EU makes no sense whatsoever.”
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