What is keeping your members awake at night?


Market uncertainty sits uppermost in member’s minds
Sample: c200 DGs/CEOs of UK-based Trade and Membership Organisations

64% of Trade Associations say their members are worrying about how market uncertainty is affecting their businesses, no doubt due to Brexit.  9% also have concerns over a skills shortage as a result of visa restrictions and another 9% remain preoccupied on the whole issue of data security.

One business leader observed, “My business is in intellectual property rights, and a considerable amount of business has in the past come from the USA and the Far East and involves acting before the EUIPO, a right we will lose if we leave the EU. I have already seen a considerable fall-off in business, with work being sent to European attorneys on the mainland which would previously have some to us.”  

His view was echoed by a senior director of a Trade Association who asserted, “While the challenge of finding people with the right skills is ongoing and opportunities post Brexit are on the agenda, the big question for our members is what the political uncertainty will do and what that post Brexit arrangement will look like. In our members market growth is still strong and that means they can weather any storms that might be coming in the next few months. They would though rather have no storms and if there are going to be problems be able to plan accordingly.”

In other industry sectors, such as the property market, a CEO declared, “Most landlords are being kept awake by the way that the 2015-16 tax changes have rewritten the economics of their business and are now dramatically squeezing their profitability.”
The prevailing sentiment is set firmly on the economic challenges which lie ahead for all types of businesses.  The natural next question must be, who is listening?



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