Which one of these, if any, drives innovation in the PR & Comms industry?


Creating Value and ROI take top billing for driving innovation

December 2018 - The Pulse Business in partnership with Whitney Murray, the Executive Search firm, has launched its Innovation Index. Designed to track the drivers behind Innovation in the PR & Communications industry, this first Pulse shows how creating value and ROI pip a range of other drivers to the post.

Out of the Senior Communications leaders pulsed (comprising Senior Directors and PR & Comms Agency MDs), almost one in four said Innovation is driven by a combination of factors - Embracing failure (14%), Risk taking (17%), Championing the ‘new’ (9%) along with the power of intellectual capital (8%).

As one senior In-House Communications Director observed,
“All progress comes from people - especially those who are confident and take calculated risks. The great names of today are not the great names of tomorrow and striving to create a better world creates opportunity whereas complacency leads to decline. Challenge, debate empowerment and energy will lead to progress.”
In conclusion, a PR & Comms Agency  Managing Director opined, “All of them have a role to play. To be innovative you have, as an organisation, to want to change and grow.  I've worked in too many places and managed too many teams that paid lip service to the need for innovation but actually, in their bones, didn't want to change at all.  To allow that instinct to thrive you have to be willing to take risks and learn from failure.  And give permission to others to do the same.  Innovation depends on intelligence - not necessarily book learning intelligence but an interest in the world around, a willingness to learn from it and a desire always to challenge the status quo. PR and Comms are creative, but despite that (are) surprisingly slow to innovate.  Shareholders, particularly private equity owners, rarely allow the margin break required to disrupt what is there already. Etc..."
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