Which one of these, if any, is keeping you awake at night?


Market uncertainty unsettling more than one in three Trade/Industry Association leaders

Sample: c280 UK-based Trade/Industry Association Director Generals/CEOs, January 2019

The Pulse Business' latest Trade/Industry Association insight shows that 33% of Director Generals/CEOs of some of the UK’s Trade/Industry Associations are losing sleep because of market uncertainty.

Against a backdrop of Brexit, this comes as no surprise. Yet encouragingly, a business as usual approach also prevails.  One in two (51%) of Trade/Industry Association leaders have their heads set on the day job where their investments sit with expanding their team, listening to their membership and growing their Associations.

That said, some are worried. One CEO commented “(The) impact will be significant if we crash out of the EU. This will mean that many may postpone active programmes to concentrate on Brexit.”

Another Director observed, “Markets are always uncertain so this isn’t something that comes as a surprise.  But clearly with Brexit, there is more uncertainty and the danger is that businesses talk themselves into a recession by decreasing business investment.  This will impact my members and could shake up the market unnecessarily.”

In conclusion, one Senior Leader opined that growing his membership footprint was the number one focus, “Last year, our membership grew up at 8% after attrition and we wish to continue this trend and exceed it in 2019.”


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