Which one of these, if any, is the most important lesson you've learned in business?


Accepting that you cannot please everyone is the most important lesson to learn in business

Sample: c200 UK-based Senior Professionals, January 2019

The Pulse Business’ latest Pulse Perspective shows that 28% of Senior Professionals say it’s impossible to please everyone you work with. That said, 15% recognise that taking a risk is the best learning opportunity there is along with one in five saying you should always trust your instincts.

One CEO commented “Gut and insight - most important tools I've learnt to use” with another Senior Board member surmising, “It is difficult to do. But I have found that my gut is almost always right. When I listen to it, a better outcome results.”

One Director observed the benefits of building close relationships with your peers by saying, “Building strong networks is invaluable particularly in a complex world where you may need to ask advice from someone, get their view on an issue or even work together on a project.”

In conclusion, one CEO of a leading Trade Association summed up the majority view, "Experience has proved it to me time and time again. Often the additional efforts put into trying to achieve the “keep everyone smiling” ideal outweighs the ability to seize other opportunities that require some time and effort to maximise!  The term “working with” (is) relevant to staff, suppliers, financiers and even clients!”
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