Which one of these, if any, is your number one priority in 2019?


Expanding the internal team is a number one priority for Trade/Industry Associations in 2019
Sample: c300 UK-based Trade/Industry Associations, December 2018

The Pulse Business Best Practice Series reveals that almost one in three Trade/Industry Associations are investing inside their organisations as they prepare for 2019.

That said, almost one in four (24%) called out a range of priorities from reviewing their strategy to building a closer relationship with their members to attracting new members as top of the list of to-do's. One CEO commented that the priority was to expand their service to “reflect market need."

Another Director surmised, “(We are) always looking to build a closer relationship with members. Will be carrying out a review of our business plan. Finances will be tight, so need to look at new revenue streams and control expenditure."

Another Chief Executive observed, “I think they are all priorities for 2019 and are in our business plan. Question is what are the mechanics and how do they interweave with each other to reach this number of priorities!”

One Trade Association’s checklist read as follows “I want to increase team numbers, review strategy, grow membership and revamp our member communications so 'all of the above' was the best fit choice for my organisation.”

2019 looks set to be a busy year for all.

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