Will 2019 be a good year or a bad year for the UK?


Mixed feelings on what 2019 holds in store
Sample: c250 UK-based Senior Professionals, December 2018

The Pulse Business Perspectives Series suggests that almost one in three (29%) of senior professionals have mixed feelings about what lies ahead in 2019.  That said, only one in ten declared we are up for a terrible year and almost one in three (29%) were encouragingly buoyant.

One CEO commented, “Regardless of what happens with Brexit, 2019 will be a year of change and change requires action and action is usually good for business. People understandably have concerns about 2019 but I think at least in the short term for businesses that are proactive and on the front foot, this environment will be an exciting and dynamic place to be.”

Another Director observed, “Despite all the political uncertainty, the UK economy is relatively strong. In 2018 we have seen investment coming in particularly in Fin-Tech. We have also had Bloomberg and Goldman Sachs demonstrate their commitment to London with the building of major European HQs in Britain's capital. Of course much will depend on the decisions the Government makes post-March. They could enact policies that are detrimental to the economy but if the Government takes a pro-free market and free trade stance and not a pro-business stance, then the economy will grow further. To sum up, don't panic look at the economic essentials and not the political hue and cry.”

In conclusion, one Senior Leader opined that mixed feelings are understandable, “Simply because of the huge amount of uncertainty and resulting disruption across all sectors of the economy caused through the continuing quagmire that is Brexit!”


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