Carta Comms – Building new relationships

Carta runs regular Pulses across its client and prospect database.  Covering a variety of topics, each Pulse unlocks new insight which is synthesised into different types of content.  Carta develops fresh narratives from this content which is then promoted on social media channels. The stories are also shared in its client’s newsletters and across online and print media.
“The Pulse is a really smart way to find out what people are thinking real time.  We have a number of clients who want to understand what’s going through the minds of communications leaders so they can sell their products and services more effectively to them. The data they receive from the Pulse helps steers them in the right direction. It also helps overcome another challenge of how to keep in touch with time poor stakeholders.  We’ve learned that when you share interesting stories with your target audience, this helps to build long-term relationships because people appreciate the insight, especially in terms of finding out what their peers are thinking.”
Matt Cartmell, Founder of Carta Communications