National Hair and Beauty Federation

The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF), in partnership with The Pulse Business, ran a qualitative study looking at the Road Ahead for 2021 in light of the pandemic. Covering themes of hygiene, consumer behaviour and working practice, the six question Pulse drew insight from 60 Business Leaders representing a range of industry sectors.

The Pulse ran over a two week period and delivered an impressive 64% response rate.

Richard Lambert, CEO of the NHBF, commented, “This Pulse proved itself to be really informative at a time when so many of our members are still reeling from the impact of Covid-19 on their businesses. In developing a strategic view of the evolution of the sector as a result of the pandemic, we wanted to draw from some senior business minds on what the broader implications are likely to be and learn from their experiences. The insight came in so quickly, making it really easy to build it into our thinking and then apply it to the detail of our business strategy.”