Confidence still riding high for our CEOs…

July 2023 – As we approach the end of July, the latest CEO Confidence Tracker has revealed a continuing trend of general confidence. Encouragingly, little has changed from February 2023’s Tracker. The percentage of CEOs feeling either ‘Very confident’ or ‘Quite confident’ has only decreased from 60% to 58%, while an unchanged 6% of CEOs […]

The link between interest rate rises and staff mental health

November 14th 2022 – the vast majority of Business Leaders are wary of the effect of rising interest rates on their staff’s mental health. 87% of sector leaders believe that interest rates will have at least some impact on their employees’ mental health; with 32% of the opinion that it will have a significant impact. […]

Never underestimate the ‘kerching’ factor…

November 8th 2022 – Just under a third of PR & Comms Agency CEOs think a competitive salary and guaranteed bonus scheme keeps their staff happy. Yet 22% put weight in giving their team access to a mentor suggesting that there is significant return to be had with this approach. As one CEO put it […]

Show me the money…a steely cry from PR & Comms Agency leaders

August 19th 2022, PR & Comms Agency leaders are prepared to be tough when asking prospects to confirm the budget before pitching for business our latest PR & Comms Agency Growth Tracker reveals. 38% said confirming a clear budget with prospects ahead of the pitch process has improved the way they handle new business while […]

Lend me your ears…is listening the art of great leadership?

July 8th 2022 – our latest TPB500 Pulse suggests if only Boris had listened more, his plight would have been diverted.  Perhaps this is a systematic failing in so many leaders today and ultimately their undoing.  But the back story invites more complexity, going on the comments left by many…starting with a Communications Director working in […]

CEO Confidence remains intact for the future performance of their businesses

June 2nd 2022, interim results from our latest CEO Confidence Tracker indicate our CEOs remain relatively positive about the future performance of their businesses. A regular contributor to our CEO Confidence Tracker active in the Education sector observed – “We have a very strong reputation with key funders and with our key stakeholders right now […]

Hoping for a pay rise? It’s not a fait accompli…

21 February 2022, our recent Business Leaders Pulse makes for a conservative view on increasing staff salaries in light of a booming employment market. Just over one in four (26%) say they have increased some of their staff salaries but clearly only a select number of employees stand to benefit. On top of this, 17% […]