Hybrid Working in the PR & Comms industry

As PR agencies and in-house teams embrace the ‘new’ office environment post pandemic, we asked for the latest thinking on what a hybrid working model could look like. We collected a range of opinions including this from a Senior Director working in-house: “We aim to return to an office based culture but have delayed this […]

A third of Sustainability leaders are pioneers of ESG practice

Thirty percent of Heads of Sustainability and ESG Consultants see themselves as pioneers, according to The Pulse Business Sustainability Tracker, designed to capture and measure best practice across ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). Access the full results here… A further fifty-five percent declared themselves ‘mid-transformation’, painting a positive picture of how some UK PLCs are […]

Senior comms leaders admit it’s lonely at the top…

Our recent Pulse of senior communications practitioners has found that 39% of senior comms leaders are less than communicative when it comes to talking about their feelings at work. Communications leaders cite leadership responsibilities as one of the reasons for putting on a brave face when they are actually feeling anything but courageous. Others say […]

The only way is up…

April 29th 2021 – The PR and Comms industry’s ability to enact changes and react to circumstances appear to be contributing towards its upbeat state with a third of respondents (32%) feeling ‘very positive’ about the future of their business over the next 12 months and another 58% feeling ‘quite positive’. This compares to 24% […]

Good news for online businesses as shopping habits go virtual

March 23, 2021: Online shopping is truly a part of every day life with one in three leaders (32%) saying it will be the shopping experience of choice post lockdown. Around one in four (26%) also say that focussing on mental health and wellbeing is now a top priority according to The Pulse Business’ Senior […]

What does the road ahead look like in 2021?

A cry for freedom and a more balanced view of the world sits uppermost in one Director’s mind, “We have to get back to being human, living with pathogens and understanding that you cannot control everything. I say that as someone who hates getting colds! Importantly, we need to get viruses to build our immune […]

Staying motivated in the months ahead…

Teamwork and solid leadership will see us through the months ahead new month Pulse survey finds. February 3rd, 2021: Eyes turn to our co-workers and leaders to help us stay motivated in the months ahead, according to new research from the TPB (The Pulse Business) 500. The TPB 500 was set up in 2018 to […]

PR and Comms Industry confidence over year ahead is clear…

The vast majority (87%) of PR and comms professionals are feeling positive about the future of their business over the next 12 months, with 24% of those saying ‘very positive’ and the rest with a slightly muted ‘quite positive’. 28% percent said that keeping colleagues motivated and supporting their mental health and happiness were the […]

Impact of pandemic hits members’ mental health

Drawn from a select group of CEOs and Membership Directors of c100 Membership and Trade Associations, at least 85% of CEOs think that the pandemic has had an impact on their members’ mental health and wellbeing. Although one CEO believes that “whilst [people are] fed up being at home and inside so much, their mental […]

What will the ‘New Norm’ look like for the PR & Comms industry?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder as senior leaders look forward to seeing one another again and building back relationships, re-establishing rapports, re-connecting with those they have missed: it all shows that the human connection counts. Yet still the fears of the virus spreading persist; the assumption that these can be allayed by companies mitigating […]

Resilience is the key…

“Resilience is the key to being able to utilise all the other qualities. Change will remain rapid and constant, and the needs and concerns of employees and colleagues will keep adapting. Providing agility, empathy, delivery, etc through these times with some consistent leadership requires resilience above all.”  Toughing it out defines a business leader right […]

Will hiring plans for comms function change as a result of Covid-19? over the next 12 months?

Communications skills are evolving…One Agency CEO considers a refresh in the whole hiring process “We’ll be hiring soon, but for different types of people. We’re looking for ‘culture add’ and diversity and, necessarily, that’s going to mean we hire in different ways.” Another Agency MD offered, “We’re more likely to hire remote staff,” suggesting that […]