So how safe do you think your personal data really is…

It seems many of us don’t know how safe our personal data is and some of this is down to not knowing how to check.  6% of people believe their data isn’t safe at all and one Director posited that “Safety can only be guaranteed if my data is not shared with anyone. The evidence […]

So just how good are you at membership engagement?

67% of Membership Organisations think they are ‘quite good’ at membership engagement. One Membership Director detailed how they had “invested a lot of time, effort and money into understanding and listening to what our members want over the past 18 months…and the dialogue we have with them has in itself been engaging.” How good is […]

There are a lot more people suffering from mental health issues than you think…

We asked our TPB500 how many of their colleagues battle with a mental health issue. A Consultant working in Mental Health said, “I’d probably guesstimate around 1/4 that’s partly based on what I understand to be average in the whole population and partly based on what I observe. I’d suggest the majority of people I […]

Measurement is a necessary evil…so it’s good to know what works.

There are so many things that influence the way companies and the people within it are perceived.  Proving that the whole communications discipline is a lot more complex than some may realise. Which one of these outputs, if any, is the most powerful when tracking and measuring your communications activities? Which one of these outputs, […]