Staying motivated in the months ahead…

Teamwork and solid leadership will see us through the months ahead new month Pulse survey finds.

February 3rd, 2021: Eyes turn to our co-workers and leaders to help us stay motivated in the months ahead, according to new research from the TPB (The Pulse Business) 500.

The TPB 500 was set up in 2018 to monitor and track senior leader views on a variety of topics. Its most recent Pulse reveals that the human connection matters the most right now as we march forward into an uncertain future.

38% of those pulsed said being able to interact with colleagues as much as possible was top priority with 31% citing the right level of support from their bosses was essential for continued morale and well-being over the next six months. Interestingly, 11% said more autonomy would be the best ‘pick-me-up’ in terms of having the freedom to choose what we want to do and when. Only 7% said it was down to technology to keep us closer together.

One communications chief working in the Automotive sector suggested the warmth of human contact is essential, ”As our worlds become ever smaller, the need to see and hear other human beings remains key to maintaining our sanity, our productivity and ultimately, some faint whisper of normality.”

A senior manager from the Oil industry asserted the time for the great leap forward in remote working is now. “We need the ability to choose how to deploy our time. Particularly those who have childcare responsibilities as well as full time roles. Employers need to be relaxed about the when is work done and be more focused on the quality of work. Employees need to feel trusted enough that they can deliver at a time to suit their circumstances, not always in traditional working hours. This flexibility will be key for the future of work, the employee experience and trust ; autonomy enables this.”

One CEO of a Trade Association reflected on how people are actually coping right now. “Loneliness is having a huge impact on people across the spectrum, despite the huge benefits, there is only so much can be achieved using technology when you factor in human emotions!”

The final word came from a Director in the financial markets who placed the mantle of motivation on the leadership team, ”In a Covid work-from-home world that is now faster approaching a year on milestone, leadership outstrips all other variables in terms of keeping teams motivated and effective, while also supporting employee well being.”

Imogen Osborne, Owner, The Pulse Business, said: “There’s an intriguing sub-text with the findings of this Pulse in that people are tired, fed-up, itching to exercise the once familiar freedoms we all took for granted. Just being able to go the shops properly will feel like a treat. Our respondents also talked about a new found joy with the outside and open spaces. This can only bode well for the UK’s charities whose livelihoods depend upon regular visitors throughout the year when we are allowed to roam further in the months to come.”

The TPB500 ran in late January 2021, as people adapted once more to an extended lockdown.  Sample size: c650 Senior Leaders across the Consumer Services Sector.



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