Our Pulses

We run Pulses on all sorts of topics from mental health to election outcomes to business confidence. We report the results as they come in. This means that you can base your views on real time insight and make better business decisions as a result.

So if you had a magic wand…which one of these, if any, could improve your life at work right now?

Work one day less and feel much happier all round… A Managing Director shared, I want a better work-life balance and, although I’m self-employed and in theory in control of when I work, the reality is that I end up working more and longer hours. If I could figure out how to earn what I […]

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There are a lot more people suffering from mental health issues than you think…

We asked our TPB500 how many of their colleagues battle with a mental health issue. A Consultant working in Mental Health said, “I’d probably guesstimate around 1/4 that’s partly based on what I understand to be average in the whole population and partly based on what I observe. I’d suggest the majority of people I […]

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Communications Directors share what they believe hinders innovation in the PR & Communications industry

A Senior Communications leader put forward this view…“PR innovation is difficult to measure and a leap of faith is required to make the change, the lack of emotional intelligence to understand to opportunity seems to hamper some companies or leaders.” A Global CEO surmised, “Too busy with the day job to consider meaningful innovation and […]

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We asked c500 Communications Leaders which one of these drives innovation in the PR & Comms industry. Here’s what they shared…

One Senior Director of an integrated agency observed, “The PR and communications that grow most quickly will be the ones who can demonstrate that the work they produce drives genuine brand and business value. This needs to be the lens that all work is viewed through and as such will be the primary driver of […]

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Measurement is a necessary evil…so it’s good to know what works.

There are so many things that influence the way companies and the people within it are perceived.  Proving that the whole communications discipline is a lot more complex than some may realise. One Communications lead suggested, With a bad news story, sometimes it’s just not possible to get off the stage completely. The tone of […]

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