What did we try to find out?

It’s no surprise that sometimes the answers to the question you have sits with the people who know your product inside and out. The challenge is always how to ask them to endorse what you know to be true and better still, tell you things you didn’t know that can help you plan and innovate.
Case study - BackThen
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BackThen is a private photo journal app that gives parents and extended families a safe space online to share the special moments in their children’s lives.  To test a new theory out, BackThen went to its user community and put four questions to them designed to capture the reactions (positive or otherwise) children have when they look at photos of themselves with members of their family.   Making the connection between an increase in self esteem through the power of a digital image is a powerful statistic and if proven, could offer up some good news to share. 

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The insight did not disappoint.  If BackThen needed another reason to reaffirm why its app matters to so many, Pulse rubber-stamped its ‘raison d’être’.

Our Pulse data has given us an intimate perspective on what makes our users happy and why the app is so important to them.  Months of investment go into developing our software to ensure the safest and most positive experience for everyone. To discover that BackThen is instrumental in helping children believe more in themselves gives all of the team a lot of pleasure and motivation to keep on with what we’re doing.  The findings have also inspired us to look at the wider part of the family unit – the grandparents. They represent some of our most active users because they are huge fans of sharing photos which makes their grand children feel they are the centre of their world.

Ed Botterill, Founder of BackThen