Who we are

The Pulse Business is a company based on your opinions. The data we produce helps both companies and the people inside them. We offer a bespoke ‘Pulse’ service that focuses on improving more than a business’ revenue stream, but it’s client and employee’s happiness. People like to know that they have been heard and we firmly believe that only then are they at their most successful. Companies are built by people and at the Pulse Business we enable this. Part of our work focuses on making sure our clients act on what people think. Time again this has borne fruit and made companies far more successful in more ways than one.

When to call us?

  • When you feel out of touch with the people that matter to your business
  • When you are trying to make decisions using anecdotal data rather than accurate insight
  • When you think you have all the answers but in fact, you need more: no one has all the answers but we can get you closer