Who we are

Hello from the founder!  Welcome to the Pulse Business; a company that thrives on discovering what people really think. Set up four years ago, our Pulses are designed to strike at the heart of a topic, reveal a sometimes uncomfortable truth and help the businesses we work with to manage the impact.

We offer a bespoke ‘Pulse’ service that focuses on improving more than just a revenue stream but also long-term stakeholder and employee happiness and engagement.

For every Pulse we run, we make sure the people who respond are heard. Every data point is analysed and assessed so that our clients can prove they are listening effectively.  Companies are built by and around people and part of our work also focuses on ensuring the insight is acted upon. Time again this process bears fruit and helps make businesses more successful, sometimes in ways they had never thought of before.

When to call us?

  • When you feel out of touch with the people or stakeholders that matter to your business
  • When you are trying to make decisions using anecdotal data rather than accurate insight
  • When you think you have all the answers but in fact, you need more and a data partner to get you closer to the truth