Stakeholder Engagement

Sometimes the people who can influence the performance of your business are simply out of reach. Working out what makes these stakeholders tick is even harder. The easiest way to find out is to ask bold, straightforward questions and then be ready to listen and learn from their pearls of wisdom.

Our Pulses are designed to help you to do three things:

What your stakeholders really think
Understand what your stakeholders really think
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Develop a personalised approach to building new relationships, based on what makes your stakeholders tick
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Help you be more relevant and on top of what matters

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The Blueprint

The Pulse has given us an excellent pathway to starting new conversations with both clients and prospects across different markets, extracting the most honest perspectives from CEOS and the C-suite, and meant we can build even closer relationships with the agencies we work with. Using a blend of qualitative and quantitative data is a smart investment because you end up with two data streams that enrich each other so the content has a much longer shelf life.


Our Pulse data has given us an intimate perspective on what makes our users happy and why the app is so important to them. To discover that BackThen is instrumental in helping children believe more in themselves gives all of the team a lot of pleasure and motivation to keep on with what we’re doing.


I was sceptical about outsourcing our client satisfaction measurement before we decided to run our first Pulse. And I was delighted to be proved wrong. The results that come back are genuinely insightful, and the quality is better than we achieved in-house. It helps our senior team manage client expectations because we’re using insight that is accurate and relevant. The benchmarking aspect is really valuable and keeps our people motivated as well as celebrating their great work.


Pulse is a fundamental part of our client engagement strategy. Without the regularity of the data, we would not be able to plan and invest as intelligently as we do. The light touch and yet emotionally charged questions we use means we are rewarded with the most honest appraisal of our work. This feedback goes on to inform how we develop our services in what continues to be a highly competitive market place.


Without our members, RIA would simply not exist. All of the RIA team is dedicated to a collective goal of enabling our members to be the voice of the rail supply community. To do this successfully, you need to be willing to invest the time and energy listening to your members and Pulse is an integral part of this process for us.


Pulse is an important part of our member engagement strategy. The data helps us plan and invest intelligently. The questions are designed in a responsive and thoughtful way so we are rewarded with the most honest appraisal of our work. This feedback goes on to inform how we develop our services in the future which is crucial to member retention as well as member loyalty.

Stakeholder Engagement Case Studies

Case study - The Blueprint

The Blueprint

Keeping a finger on the Pulse of what’s happening inside your industry.

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Case study - BackThen


Developing a closer relationship with your customers and understanding their emotional interactions with your brand.

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View all case studies

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