The Pulse Business delivers insight to help all sorts of companies make better business decisions.


How we do it

We craft smart questions to capture authentic opinions across a wide range of topics. This unique insight is used by companies to grow and improve their businesses by drawing on what their customers or clients really think about them. Our clients include:

Our latest Pulses

Lend me your ears…is listening the art of great leadership?

July 8th 2022 – our latest TPB500 Pulse suggests if only Boris had listened more, his plight would have been diverted.  Perhaps this is a systematic failing in so many leaders today and ultimately their undoing.  But the back story invites more complexity, going on the comments left by many…starting with a Communications Director working in […]

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Stay close to your clients and you will grow your business say PR & Comms Agency leaders

Stay close to your clients and you will grow your business say PR & Comms Agency leaders July 2022 – For PR & Comms Agency CEOs and Senior Directors, it’s about getting up close and personal with their clients when it comes to growing their businesses. Nearly one in two (47%) say spending time listening to clients and up-selling […]

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CEO Confidence remains intact for the future performance of their businesses

June 2nd 2022, interim results from our latest CEO Confidence Tracker indicate our CEOs remain relatively positive about the future performance of their businesses. A regular contributor to our CEO Confidence Tracker active in the Education sector observed – “We have a very strong reputation with key funders and with our key stakeholders right now […]

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ESG & Sustainability Trends Tracker 2022 – Sustainable Practice sits in lock step with employee engagement

March 15th 2022, in our latest ESG & Sustainability Trends Tracker, four our of five (80%) make plain the powerful connection between Sustainable Practice and Employee Engagement. The Pulse Business’ ESG & Sustainability Trends Tracker ran in late February 2022 and went out to c650 Heads of ESG & Sustainability based in the UK. An […]

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