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What we do…

We run fast, intuitive Pulses to find out what all sorts of stakeholders think about a variety of topics. We use this insight to build communities of interest for our clients. These communities are made up of influencers who have the power to make business thrive. Here are some of the companies we work with…

Our latest Pulses

Almost one in three suggest values and purpose sit at the heart of a progressive brand…

The world is on fire. We seem to be ‘pivoting’ around the challenges of our new world with some success and some failures. For communications leaders, interpreting how this world affects the brands they work with is the new norm. A norm that inspires different behaviours that may attract controversy.  A norm that impacts how […]

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So what does the CEO want his/her comms team to prioritise right now?

Evolving the Covid-19 narrative strikes a chord for one in two Comms leaders (53%) with another 42% keeping a tight focus on employee communications. And when it comes to that evolution, the way forward is complex.  Sensitive handling of how the communications cycle is managed may sound straight forward but requires dexterity and sound judgement. […]

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Post lockdown, do you believe you will emerge a better person?

One in two of us will be a better person once lockdown is over…yet there are mixed emotions as to how that move to being a better person will take shape.  Some senior leaders have debated the meaning of ‘better’.  One Director offered that “Better” implies moral improvement but it might equally mean more effective […]

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Financial health is the top challenge facing Membership and Trade Associations right now…

Leaders of some of the UK’s Membership and Trade Associations are under financial pressure as the impact of Covid-19 is felt across their organisations.  Other challenges have come in the form of remote working which has led to reduced productivity and efficiency because staff are not always always available during working hours. One Membership Organisation […]

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