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We design and deliver incisive Pulse questions that enable and elucidate varied views on many topics. This unique insight is used by our clients to grow and improve their businesses. Our clients include:

Our latest Pulses

So what will the ‘New Norm’ look like for the PR & Comms industry?

Absence makes the heart grow fonder as senior leaders look forward to seeing one another again and building back relationships, re-establishing rapports, re-connecting with those they have missed: it all shows that the human connection counts. Yet still the fears of the virus spreading persist; the assumption that these can be allayed by companies mitigating […]

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Resilience is the key…

“Resilience is the key to being able to utilise all the other qualities. Change will remain rapid and constant, and the needs and concerns of employees and colleagues will keep adapting. Providing agility, empathy, delivery, etc through these times with some consistent leadership requires resilience above all.”¬† Toughing it out defines a business leader right […]

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Will hiring plans for comms function change as a result of Covid-19? over the next 12 months?

Communications skills are evolving…One Agency CEO considers a refresh in the whole hiring process “We’ll be hiring soon, but for different types of people. We’re looking for ‘culture add’ and diversity and, necessarily, that’s going to mean we hire in different ways.” Another Agency MD offered, “We’re more likely to hire remote staff,” suggesting that […]

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Almost one in three suggest values and purpose sit at the heart of a progressive brand…

Staying true to your values in everything you do and using your voice and influence as a brand to do good and to do the just and right thing has never been more important. Which one of these, if any, defines a progressive brand today? Which one of these, if any, defines a progressive brand […]

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