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What we do…

We run fast, intuitive Pulses to find out what all sorts of stakeholders think about a variety of topics. We use this insight to build communities of interest for our clients. These communities are made up of influencers who have the power to make business thrive. Here are some of the companies we work with…

Our latest Pulses

Financial health is the top challenge facing Membership and Trade Associations right now…

Leaders of some of the UK’s Membership and Trade Associations are under financial pressure as the impact of Covid-19 is felt across their organisations.  Other challenges have come in the form of remote working which has led to reduced productivity and efficiency because staff are not always always available during working hours. One Membership Organisation […]

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We asked, what will change our lives for the better post Coronavirus?

Let’s hear it for working from home and spending more time with family and friends. A Vice-Chairman shared, “The one that will bring about the most change is a new work dynamic. Ironically, people are connecting with each other better than they did pre-virus. We’ll need to figure out how to maintain the benefits of […]

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As lock down continues, which one of these, if any, will be the next priority for your organisation?

A CEO of a leading Institute shared, “We refocused our strategy early on, removing non-essential items to free up resources. We made sure we had the technology for everyone to work remotely. We have invested in a stronger digital platform as this will be part of the new norm. We have also focused on ensuring […]

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In the midst of the pandemic, we asked what people are doing right now to keep their spirits up…

Talking to loved ones and caring for the vulnerable rank highly… One Managing Director told us… “I live in a gated community with a good sprinkling of over 70s (including me) so I and a chum have set up a Coronovirus help group to recruit volunteers and speed communication via a newsletter, emails, and, in […]

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