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How we do it

We craft smart questions to capture authentic opinions across a wide range of topics. This unique insight is used by companies to grow and improve their businesses by drawing on what their customers or clients really think about them. Our clients include:

Our latest Pulses

ESG & Sustainability Trends Tracker 2022 – Sustainable Practice sits in lock step with employee engagement

March 15th 2022, in our latest ESG & Sustainability Trends Tracker, four our of five (80%) make plain the powerful connection between Sustainable Practice and Employee Engagement. The Pulse Business’ ESG & Sustainability Trends Tracker ran in late February 2022 and went out to c650 Heads of ESG & Sustainability based in the UK. An […]

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Cancel Culture is thriving. What impact, if any, is this having on you personally as a comms professional?

LONDON: 07 March 2022, our latest Comms Futures Pulse indicates that nearly one in two senior communications leaders (44%) are struggling with cancel culture. Some are less concerned and appear to shrug ‘it’ off but other comms leaders speak with grim realism on how cancel culture affecting them in the highly charged and uncertain world […]

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Hoping for a pay rise? It’s not a fait accompli…

21 February 2022, our recent Business Leaders Pulse makes for a conservative view on increasing staff salaries in light of a booming employment market. Just over one in four (26%) say they have increased some of their staff salaries but clearly only a select number of employees stand to benefit. On top of this, 17% […]

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Whitney Murray Insight Pulse reveals what’s top of Comms & IR leaders’ Christmas lists this year…

Tuesday 14th December 2021, in the latest Whitney Murray Insight Pulse, developed in partnership with The Pulse Business, 29% of UK-based Communications & IR leaders say finding the next superstars for their team is top priority with 26% singling out their sustainability strategy as demanding attention. One Agency CEO with regional offices across the UK […]

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