What did we try to find out?

PR & Marketing Comms agencies thrive on business performance data.  Yet the nature of the industry is that it moves at an incredibly fast pace. This makes it hard for agencies to find out how clients are feeling about the service they receive because clients are time poor. 
Case study - CC Group
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Running a short but emotionally intelligent Pulse that speeds through key questions on service delivery and team dynamics provides a competitive edge.  The insight that comes back has a bearing on how agencies can innovate and grow.  And once this data is benchmarked, it gives you a real-time measure on what success looks like and where to make changes to your business model.

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Over the past eight years, CCGroup has used Pulse to track client satisfaction across its client portfolio. Pulse has become an integral part of its strategic planning giving the agency essential business performance data to steer each business stream forward as well as be a portal for organic growth.  Client feedback has also meant the agency can reward and retain the right stars in its team.  

Pulse is a fundamental part of our client engagement strategy. Without the regularity of the data, we would not be able to plan and invest as intelligently as we do. Our clients are also very grateful that they don’t have to spend hours telling us what they think about what we do. The light touch and yet emotionally charged questions we use means we are rewarded with the most honest appraisal of our work. This feedback goes on to inform how we develop our services in what continues to be a highly competitive market place.

Rose Chapman, Head of Marketing