What did we try to find out?

Membership organisations and Trade Associations seek to serve their members impeccably every day.  Members can be challenging (and rightly so!) which means keeping an eagle eye on overall sentiment is essential. Ultimately, it’s better to be ahead of the member’s concern rather than be surprised by it. 
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Running short but emotionally intelligent Pulses that speed through key questions on the membership experience has a powerful bearing on how membership organisations and Trade Associations can innovate and grow.  And once this data is benchmarked, you have a real-time measure on what success looks like and where to make changes to your operations model.

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Over the last eighteen months, ISBA has run a series of Pulses aimed at measuring membership engagement as well as deeper dives on aspects of its member services e.g. ISBA’s Groups and Committees. Pulse has become an important part of ISBA’s strategic planning giving the organisation important business performance data to steer the direction of each service function forward. 

Pulse is an important  part of our member engagement strategy. The data helps us plan and invest intelligently. The questions are designed in a responsive and thoughtful way so we are rewarded with the most honest appraisal of our work. This feedback goes on to inform how we develop our services in the future which is crucial to member retention as well as member loyalty.

Jane Pinn, Director of Membership