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What did we try to find out?

Membership organisations and Trade Associations seek to serve their members impeccably every day. Monitoring overall sentiment is essential because it’s better to be ahead of the member’s concern rather than be surprised by it. Every ounce of feedback has its value because this can guide the overall membership experience and keep members happy because they know they are heard.
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Running short, regular and emotionally intelligent Pulses that speed through key questions on the membership experience has a powerful bearing on how membership organisations and Trade Associations can innovate and grow.  And when this data is benchmarked, you have a real-time measure on what success looks like and where to make fast and effective changes to your operations model.

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Over the last seven years, RIA has run a series of Pulses and Focus Groups aimed at measuring membership engagement as well as critiquing other aspects of its member services e.g. RIA’s export activities, its events and lobbying capabilities. Pulse has become an integral part of RIA’s strategic planning giving the trade association essential business performance data to inform how each part of its services operate.  RIA’s Focus Groups continue to provide a more intimate understanding of what drives customer satisfaction and how RIA can support its members’ needs in the future.

Without our members, RIA would simply not exist. All of the RIA team is dedicated to a collective goal of enabling our members to be the voice of the rail supply community.  To do this successfully, you need to be willing to invest the time and energy listening to your members and Pulse is an integral part of this process for us.  Also, RIA’s Focus Groups are an essential component for helping us fine-tune the delivery of our member services and benefits. These Focus Groups provide an opportunity for active and healthy dialogue which bodes well for the long-term relationship we want to build with all of our members.

Rose Garber, Member Relations Director